Your military skills can be put to good use as an XPO Logistics driver sales representative.

To help veterans or members of the National Guard or Reserve get back to work, XPO Logistics offers two driver training programs in LTL.

If you were assigned to a transportation unit, drove trucks in the military and already have a Class A commercial driver's license (CDL), but have limited “behind the wheel” experience, XPO offers an accelerated four-week driver training program. Students pay no tuition or other fees and participate in classroom and on-the-road training. In return for the no-cost training, graduates are expected to stay with XPO Logistics for at least 12 months.

If your military experience did not include work in a transportation or logistics unit, XPO offers a 12-week, 240-hour driver training program. If you think this program is for you, apply for an LTL student driver job.